I am so thankful I found METS Physical Therapy! I had developed a frozen shoulder in the last few months, I believe due to a neck injury and then hurting my shoulder during a shoulder press. I have now worked with Michael for about a month and a half and I am almost 90% recovered from my frozen shoulder. When I started, I could barely lift my arm 90 degrees with so much pain, now I can touch the sky at almost 180 degrees. I have gained almost all my mobility back... now Michael is helping me do strength training to gain full strength back along with the mobility. Depending on my progress and pain level, he would use different techniques, even adding and varying my exercises. He regularly applies dry needling, ultrasound, massager, cooling therapy and KT taping depending on my need that day. He manipulates my shoulder regularly... it is very painful, but I believe that is what brought breakthroughs in my mobility! He definitely knows what he is doing! He and his staff check on you regularly to make sure you are doing okay after the sessions. The place is brand new and has a spa like experience with one-on-one attention. METS Physical Therapy with Michael is such a God send for me! I am thankful for my quick recovery and healing! I highly recommend you trying this place out if you are struggling with pain, injury, or mobility issues!

Gloria F

Michael was a God send! Strained my back, couldn't get in for month. He took me right away. Within about ten days almost 95% we'll. Will keep him for maintaining down the road. Great and caring guy!???

Cheryl S

This office is brand new, with beautiful rooms and equipment, including some you can't find anywhere else. Everyone is friendly and helpful! You'll have a great experience here and heal much more quickly because of it.

Abraham F