POWER Program

Preventing Overuse While Encouraging Recovery

The goal of the POWER program is early intervention to prevent more serious/acute injuries in sports and daily work activities. We accomplish this through encouraging proper alignment, client education, supportive taping technique and proper recovery.

Pre-paid Packages

  • $250 for 100 minutes
  • $450 for 200 minutes
  • $875 for 500 minutes

* 1 year expiration
* 1 individual/immediate family per package

All packages in the POWER program apply to:
  • Overuse/nagging pains
  • Recovery modalities
  • Home Exercise Programs for postural/movement correction
  • Stability taping

Please call to verify if this program will provide treatment of conditions with physician orders, injuries that need further assessment/diagnostics or post-surgical therapy. If you have any questions on our POWER Program and what all it covers please feel free to send us and email info@mets.com or give us a call 225-444-5668.

We look forward to discussing how this program will benefit you!

METS Physical Therapy Team